Sunday, April 23, 2017

An Open Message for the editors of WELLESLEY NEWS: Sharvari Johari, Michelle Lee, Mary Meisenzahl, Emily Bader, Jane Vaughan, Jacqueline Sanchez, Alexandria Otero, Grace Ballenger, Noor Pirani, Maya Nandakumar, Genae Matthews, Tabitha Wilson, Ciara Wardlow, Kathryn Cross, Jodi Wei, Mary Lemay, Fallon Oeser, Jee Lee, Sabrina Leung, Audrey Stevens, Lien Dao, Ogochukwu Okoye, Jenna Mulrenan, Rachel Tao, Yona Levin, Divya Alukal

This is a message for the editors: Sharvari Johari, Michelle Lee, Mary Meisenzahl, Emily Bader, Jane Vaughan, Jacqueline Sanchez,  Alexandria Otero, Grace Ballenger, Noor Pirani, Maya Nandakumar, Genae Matthews, Tabitha Wilson, Ciara Wardlow, Kathryn Cross, Jodi Wei, Mary Lemay, Fallon Oeser, Jee Lee, Sabrina Leung, Audrey Stevens, Lien Dao, Ogochukwu Okoye, Jenna Mulrenan, Rachel Tao, Yona Levin, Divya Alukal 

Wow, you idiot girls have demonstrated why elitists like you should NOT be allowed to have power. You don't defend liberty but try to impose your vapid ideology(crammed inside your heads by Political Correctness and Pop Culture) on rest of society. Your ideal society is Sweden or China, not the US that was founded on First Amendment principles. As US becomes more DIVERSE and controlled by Jews and non-whites, we have more Politics of Coercion. 

I found out about the Wellesley controversy from Stuart Schneiderman and Steve Sailer, two people who still respect free speech. Apparently, you bratty, self-righteous, snot-nosed princesses at Wellesley do not. Sure, you play at being 'progressives but only at one of the most elitist & exclusive academic institutions in the world, the hatchery for the Power Elite. You're like Marie Antoinette playing shepherdess. It's a joke. 

You snot-nosed princesses mostly come from rich parents. So, where do you get the notion that YOU get to decide what is and isn't free speech? Didn't it ever occur to you that 'hate speech' is a tool of the powerful and tyrannical? After all, it is big media, elite academia, and government that get to define what is and isn't 'hate speech'. Ordinary people don't get to decide. No, the elite institutions get to do thumbs up or thumbs down on free speech. And elite institutions are run by princelings and princesses like you from rich families(or from families to have their kids be admitted to the elite domain).. 

Sure, you and your precious ilk say you oppose 'hate speech' to protect the 'marginalized' and 'voiceless', but did it ever occur to you that most ordinary Americans are marginalized in the globalist New World Order? The US is not a real democracy. It is an oligarchy where the wealth and privilege are hogged by graduates of Ivy League universities who take over Wall Street, Big Media, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, and other elite institutions.  Yeah, YOU princesses belong to the Power. Don't deny it.
Most ordinary Americans(of whatever race) got little or no power or privilege. And yet, you privileged globalist princesses --- of various races --- are gonna tell us what we can and can't say?  Hey, we regular folks attended colleges or community colleges. We know regular people in the walks of life that you princesses avoid like a plague as you suck up to the Power Elite like Hillary Clinton and George Soros. We are not like you snot-nosed princesses playing 'progressives' while leading lives of posh precious privilege funded by your rich daddies and mommies whose wealth and advantages depend on globalism that destroys and undermines the working classes and middle classes of Western nations. 

We see right through your 'progressive' posturing, through your bogus 'radical' facade. It is just a form of virtue signaling and virtue-vanity to mask your privilege and path to power. You're like the aristocrats of the Middle Ages who sanctimoniously invoked Christian piety(about the 'meek inheriting the earth') to justify their wealth and privilege. You're like the Chinese Communist Party elites and their brats who justify their positions and privileges by spouting the usual official cliches about Marxism and 'class struggle'. The real China is, of course, about oligarchs and their princelings hogging all the power and loot for themselves. (And these rich Chinese send their brats to elite colleges like Harvard and Wellesley where they sons and daughters enter exclusive domains of privilege while bleating about 'social justice' to mask their greed and egomania.) They invoke Mao and communism but practice cutthroat globalist capitalism and monopolize most of the wealth. You brats play the same game in the US. You talk about 'equality' but you pursue elitism in your Ivy League bubble. You talk about the People but you only hang around other people-of-privilege. You will not marry truck drivers or lettuce pickers. No, you will seek upper class mates and live in gated communities and dine at fancy restaurants and travel around the world. But to mask addiction to upscale posh privilege, you virtue-signal by spouting PC cliches about how you care so much about 'social justice'. In fact, your ilk not only feel no connection with masses of ordinary white Americans but feel zero connection with the people of your race, culture, or nation. Privileged elite Asian girls at Wellesley feel no connection to regular Asian people. Privileged Hispanic(mostly of Conquistador blood) girls at Wellesley feel no connection to masses of Latin Americans(most of whom are not white or even 'Latin'). Your ilk not only oppress ordinary white people but work with globalists to destroy the nations and culture of your own peoples. Why? Because your main identity is one of shared privilege  with fancily educated and like-minded elitists all over the world. You form networks with others of your ilk who hog the same kind of privilege. This globalist privilege isn't racial or national. It is about connectedness, being part of the Elysium world. And you princesses belong to the Elysium, and your PC invocation is just gain moral credit to justify your power and privilege. Oh yeah, you need all that power and privilege because you're such goody good people who are trying to protect the 'weak and marginalized'.  LOL. Don't make me laugh, your snot-nosed princesses, you total phonies. 

The method of your madness was well illustrated in American Scholar: 

The French elites use the same kind of BS to justify their power. French elites no longer represent the native French people. They collaborate with globalist elites to subvert and undermine the rights and interests of native Frenchmen. Likewise, Asian elites no longer represent or defend the rights and interests of their own countrymen. Instead, they collaborate with globalists like George Soros to undermine the the demographic integrity and national sovereignty of their own nations. All these globalist elites identify mainly with other privileged globalists while sneering at their countrymen who are deemed 'deplorable'.  

It seems some of staff of Wellesley News are made of immigrant kids. We must venture to ask... If these non-whites hate white people so much, why did the come to white-built nation? If they love their own kind so much, why did they permanently leave their own people, cultures, and land to live in a nation envisioned and made by whites? Who the hell are these leeches to be telling white people about what whites can or can't say?  

American Indians and blacks of slave ancestry have some right to bitch. America and Canada were taken from Indians. And blacks were brought as slaves. But the US didn't force Asians, Hindus, Hispanics, and African immigrants to come to the US. They came to US, a white-founded-and-built nation, because they prefer to live with whites than with their own kind.  And yet, these privileged immigrants bitch and whine and act like stuck-up asswipes. If they hate 'white privilege', white people, and white culture with such virulence, they should go back to their own nations of origin and be with their own kind? But of course, they really can't stand their own kind and prefer to live in white nations with white people? Hmm, how odd. They bitch about 'whiteness' but they do everything to leave their own kind and come and live with white people in white nations. (But then, white people no longer really rule the US. Jews rule the US, and Jews seek to undermine and destroy all borders and sovereignty of gentile nations. Jews target not only white nations but non-white gentile nations. This anti-white politics of PC is really just a bait to fool non-whites into believing that they are gaining power over whites. Because non-white elites are encouraged to bash and attack whites, they think they are rising in prestige and power. But it's just a mind trick pulled by Jews. After all, if non-whites denounce white nations for being majority-white and white-ruled, then the moral logic will eventually lead them to attack their own nations for having dominant majority populations. Consider Taiwanese-Americans[attending elite US colleges] who are encouraged to bash and excoriate 'white privilege' and 'white majority' representation. They will regard their anti-majority ideology as a kind of 'social justice'. But such mindset will then carry over to their view of Taiwan itself. They will condemn Taiwan of being controlled by majority Taiwanese-Chinese and will call for massive immigration to turn Chinese a minority in their own country[in the name of 'diversity is our strength], just like whites are being reduced to minorities in their own nations. This is a Jewish trick as Jews seek to weaken all forms of national sovereignty so as to penetrate and take over.) 

Btw, all defenders of freedom must see the concept of 'hate speech' for what it is: 'Hate speech' is a repressive totalitarian concept.  Why? Because some entity has to decide what is 'hate' and what isn't. And it is POWER that decides. In Turkey, it is 'hate speech' to talk of Armenian Genocide because the power is in the hands of Turkish government. They call it 'insulting Turkishness'.  In Russia, it's deemed 'hate speech' to denounce Soviet mass rape of German women in WWII. That is considered an act of contempt toward Russian heroes of the Great Patriotic War.  So, you see, 'hate speech' is a political tool since the Power decides what is 'hateful'.  Same is true in China. Chinese government insists there is 'free speech' in China, but what isn't allowed is 'hate speech' against the Chinese people and Chinese form of justice and blah blah. And of course, the government decides what is 'hateful'. According to Chinese Government, Dalai Lama is a 'hateful' since he opposes Han Chinese multi-culturalism and imposed diversity on Tibet. Chinese Government accuses Dalai Lama and Tibetan nationalists of 'exclusion' and 'reaction' against the multi-culti Manifest Destiny project of the Han Chinese. Even Chinese students in the US use this tactic to attack and oppose Tibetan Nationalism. 

If Palestinian-Americans controlled US media and academia, they would insist Zionism is 'hate speech' since it is an ideology of ethnic cleansing and occupation and apartheid(in West Bank).  But since Jews control the US, they use their power to force all media and politicians to sing praises to Israel. That is how the politics of speech works... or haven't you dummies noticed? If you want free speech, it has to be total free speech for everyone. The real problem is you idiots HATE free speech. You HATE free speech because it may prick your precious bubble of self-righteous snobbery. Politics of Speech depends on who has the power. Jews in the past were for Free Speech for all because Jewish radical leftists came under pressure from American anti-communist patriots. But now that Jews control the US and have the most power, they want to curtail free speech since critics of Jews use free speech to expose Jewish abuses and evil. to understand how the politics of free speech follows the Power, consider the fate of Steven Salaita. Why was his free speech deemed 'hate speech' and why was his contract nullified? Because powerful Jews made it so. 

The reason why Jews(and yes, Jews rule the US) are now pushing 'hate speech' laws is simple. They now got the power and don't want be challenged. Jews pretend to be protecting the 'powerless' but they really want to clamp down on speech to protect the powerful, namely Jewish power. One thing for sure, the powerful don't need Free Speech protections since they have Power Speech, the power to say anything and get away with it. They also have the power to shut down opponents, critics, and dissidents by denouncing their speech as 'hate speech'. So, free speech is something that the powerless need. Powerful don't need. Those who support the concept of 'hate speech' are nothing but shills of the Powerful. 'Hate speech' is just a mind-trick used by the powerful to shut down critics. So, Jewish elites try to shut down critics of Jewish power by pretending that they are protecting the powerless from 'bigots'. Now, it's true that free speech can be used to express ugly sentiments and expressions. We see this in Rap music thug culture where black call each other 'niggaz' and threaten each other with gun violence. And we see how rappers also insult women as 'bitchass ho's'. But for reason, the Music Industry rakes in billions of dollars by peddling this kind of thuggery and 'misogyny'. 

'Hate speech' is always decided by the Power. If commies got the power, they will ban capitalist speech as 'hate speech'. Commies will say capitalism is about bourgeois oppression of the proletariat, and they will defend their banning of capitalist 'hate speech' to protect the working class.
If Christian theocracy ran the US, it will say anti-Jesus sentiments constitute hate speech against the Son of God and redeemer of mankind. They will say it is blasphemous against God.
Notice that Muslim nations have different concept of 'hate speech'. Malaysia is a democracy, but you get in big trouble if you 'insult' Islam there because Muslims have the power to decide what is 'hate'. 
In North Korea, making fun of Kim is 'hate speech' 
In Cuba, making fun of Castros is 'hate speech'.
In the current EU, the power is with Jews and homos. So, they rigged the system whereby it's illegal to be harshly critical of Jews and homos. But it's perfectly fine to badmouth Christians and nationalists. 
According to feminists, 'misogyny' is 'hate speech'. But what the hell is 'misogyny' when it can be just about anything?  Conservatives say Muslims are 'misogynous' because Muslims don't allow women to dress and dance like Western women. But Muslims say the West is 'misogynous' because it turns women into trashy harlots and wanton pieces of sex meat. Some feminists say pornography is 'misogynous' because it turns women into 'sex objects' and 'commodities'. Other women say porn is 'empowering' because it gives women a way to wield sexual power. Indeed, pro-porn feminists go so far as to say that 'puritanical' feminists are 'misogynous' for denying liberty to women who want to explore and express their own sexuality. So, 'misogynous' is a useless term because it can be defined in whatever manner. Anything can be called 'misogynous' and labeled as 'hate speech'. No real intellectual should use such vague terms that can molded and twisted for any ideological cause. 

The world is run by the likes of George Soros, and you snot-nosed princesses at Wellesley are just tools and agents of globalist oligarchs who seek to break down national barriers so that all nations will come under the control of Wall Street, Pentagon, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, etc. You think you're 'progressive' challenging the power, but No, you serve the power. Indeed, you're so ignorant and blind that you don't even realize that the homo-agenda is a proxy of globalist imperialism. Why is it that whenever Wall Street, Hollywood, and Pentagon take over any nation, the first thing they try to do is plant a victory Homo Flag. Homos all over the world are collaborators of the Empire. 

The only effective bulwark against globalist imperialism is Nationalism, but the precious princesses at Wellesley serve globalism and multi-culturalism(a form of demographic imperialism) to break down all national borders. So, you nasty non-white princesses were let into the US to attack white native population. But instilled with anti-nationalism, you will eventually try to break down national borders of your own nations of origin so that they will be prepared for takeover by Jewish and homo power.  

But then, there is a kind of quasi-spiritual need for all this save-the-world 'progressive' stuff. We live in a post-cultural and post-spiritual world. The culture is vapid and trashy, and soul-empty individuals hunger for some kind of meaning in life. People wanna feel self-righteous and justified. They want to feel sanctimonious and holier-than-thou about something. So, they cling to all these fads and fashions fed to their famished minds by 'radical' professors who live in a bubble world of ideological redemption and certitude. 

You Wellesley brats are a bunch of bitchy snot-nosed princesses. You think you are champions of the People, but you despise ordinary people(whom you never rub shoulders with since they are 'deplorable' unlike you fancily-educated mandarins), and you think YOU have some higher right to tell people what they can say and can't say.
You think YOU should have the right to allow or ban speech of the American people because YOU had the privilege of attending posh fancy expensive colleges. Oh, you know so much more than the rest of us dummies.
In fact, you're just fancy-pants versions of Nurse Ratched in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. You never had an original or independent thought in your life. EVERYTHING in your head was put there by your controllers, your 'radical' professors who are either privileged dolts themselves or tools of globalist oligarchs who fund universities. 

Also, you're a bunch of cowards. You justify your censoriousness on grounds of 'justice' but it's really about power and cowardice. You want the power to control what people can say(like the EU and Chinese government do). You want the power of god to control other people's thoughts and voices. You feel this way because you were raised as princesses all your lives. You went to the most expensive schools and were raised with money & connections. Or your parents filled your minds with status-obsession, and you will do anything to gain privilege. You are teachers' pets and parents' pets. 

The other reason you can't tolerate real free speech is because PC puppets like you will lose any fair debate when confronted with facts and truth of those who have no use for Political Correctness. You can only win rigged debates inside your bubble where your lies and delusions are protected from scrutiny. You can only win by ducking those who confront your BS with hard truth and facts. So, you try to suppress truth as 'hate'. 

Also, you are spineless and cave under peer pressure. You are so into group-think and herd-mentality that none of you dares to break rank and speak your mind even when you find PC to be stupid and overbearing. You fear that the 'sisters' will turn on your and make you undergo a struggle session like in Mao's China.  So, you chant the same BS along with the rest. It's a universal trait among cowards all over the world. What you value above all is privilege, and you will do or say NOTHING that jeopardizes your place in the elite bubble world.

If you really care about the truth and troubling facts, consider the following ideas in links below.  Oh, they might 'trigger' your fragile snowflakey sensitivities, but sometimes, it's good to be challenged and counterpointed.
It's like a boxer cannot learn to fight unless he is opposed by someone who hits back. You princesses want a world you get to hit but you never get hit back by those who disagree. 

Well, tell you what... I despise privileged snot-nosed hypocritical bitch princesses like you poseurs who attend fancy college but pretend to speak for the people. 

I prefer bloggers who dare to challenge the orthodoxy even if they might be called 'racist', 'sexist', 'fascist' or whatever. 

Consider these: